Islander Online – The Christian Island Cottagers' Association



Important Contacts

Beausoleil First Nation Lands & Resources Office (705) 247-2051 Ferry Information Arnold Jamieson Jr., Ferries Coordinator, (705) 247-2051 ext. 239 Janet Newdick, [...]

Ferry Schedule & Real Time Cameras

Ferry Schedule: Effective November 24, 2021 Please schedule service vehicles in advance with the Transportation Coordinator to comply with load restriction for the Sandy [...]

Parking Notice

Parking fees are not included in the annual Service Charges. It is the responsibility of leaseholders to arrange for parking permits through the BFN Administrative Office. [...]

Ambulance, Fire, Police

Ambulance EMS Hours of Operation – 24 hours BFN EMS Manager: TBA 4 Waagosh Street Christian Island, ON L0K1C0 Ph: (705) [...]

Boating Information

Transport Canada: Marine forecast for Georgian Bay The Boat: Marine Safety Impaired Boating = Impaired Driving! Transport Canada – Government of Canada Marine Resources [...]

Pet Owners

Please be a responsible pet owner “Stoop & Scoop” is the rule. All dogs should be kept on leashes, especially near the ferry dock areas, in the village, or on [...]

Street Names and Pronunciation

Amik Amik Miikaans Beaver Road Bayshore Drive Jiigbiik Miikaans Shoreline Rd Captain’s Cres. Naabkwangemaa Miikaans Captain’s Rd Chiefs Lane Waabzeshiin Miikaans [...]
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