Islander Online – The Christian Island Cottagers' Association


CICA Board of Directors 2016-2017

“CICA’s board of directors is in place to facilitate communication among members and between CICA and BFN, hear from members about their concerns, bring members together to find common ground, seek effective solutions to problems, and maintain and promote positive relations between CICA and BFN.” -K. McNair.

President: Sonny Goldstein (Lighthouse Point)

Vice President: Doug Bingley (Lighthouse Point)

Secretary: Elizabeth Herrema (Lighthouse Point)

Treasurer: Jill Ovens-McMillan (Big Sand Bay)

Directors: Stephen Christie (Big Sand Bay); Eli Rubenstein (Monague Point);  Paul Keefe(Lighthouse Point); Gary Moorcroft (Big Sand Bay); Andre Wagner (Big Sand Bay)

Membership Chair: Andrew Lam (Big Sand Bay)

Office Manager and Website: Cheryl Nailor-Lumsden

The CICA is a registered, volunteer, not-for-profit organization.