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Forms for Cottagers

CICA Membership Application

Membership Application/Renewal Form – 2017

Membership fees have been waived for the 2017/18 season.


Although renewals and new membership fees have been waived for this fiscal year, we still require your written consent/request or a new, signed application for our records. We are not permitted or authorized to automatically renew member status without the permission of the member.

Please be sure to include any updates in your personal information, and remember to indicate in the spaces provided if you wish to be included in the Cottage Directory. Thank you all for your cooperation

From BFN

Leasing Documents

Any delinquent accounts are automatically referred to a collection agency for prompt retrieval.

Service Fees

All of the Lessees pay an annual service charge, which covers the following services:

  • Fire Protection
  • Policing Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Roads Maintenance
  • Garbage Collection

RE: Christian Island addresses

Please note that your lot no. is the legal description for your leased land, and should be used for any correspondence regarding the Beausoleil First Nation, and your Insurance company.

To obtain services from Bell Canada, Hydro One, or other outside companies, you must use your legal Street address to identify your property. i.e. 789 Chi Sin Miikaan.