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Parking Notice

Parking fees are not included in the annual Service Charges. It is the responsibility of leaseholders to arrange for parking permits through the BFN Administrative Office. Short term parking packages are also available to cottagers.

– Return passenger fares will be collected by the parking attendants on the mainland when they collect for vehicles and passengers prior to boarding the ferry.

– If a passenger/visitor expects to return via private boat, advise the ticket collector who will charge only a one-way fare. In cases of a change of plans, passenger fare will be collected upon return to the mainland via the ferry.

– To accommodate cottagers visiting their cottages frequently throughout the year, the $250.00 parking fee is now considered an annual fee.

If you want your parking pass sent to Cedar Point for pick-up, BFN asks that you prepay for service and provide their office with at least two days prior notice.

Parking charges will be levied on all vehicles at Cedar Point unless a valid parking permit is displayed in the windshield of your vehicle.

Parking Rates

Hourly Rate $ 3.00

Daily Rate (24 hours) 10.00 [A day is counted as 24 hours from your time of arrival]

Weekly Rate (7 days) 40.00

Monthly Rate (30 days) 60.00

Annual Rate 250.00

Note: Each rate set above is based upon one vehicle parking space.

Boat Launch Rates (Boat Launch Currently Not Available)

Launching in/out $ 20.00

Parking is charged per space according to the rates set above.


BFN Members, Spouses, and Children.

For the most current information please refer to the Band website.