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Waste Management

Waste and Recycling Schedule

** Please Reduce, Reuse and Recycle FIRST before disposing. **

[There is no pickup of Compost for cottagers]

Monday          Waste
Tuesday          Recycling (Cardboard, Paper Fibers and Box Board)
Wednesday    Container Collection Only
Thursday        Waste
Friday              Commercial Bin Collection

Green Garbage Bins

  • Pick-up days for garbage are Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Each User Group is responsible for the Cleanliness, Maintenance and Painting of their assigned bin.
  • Regulation Green Plastic Trash Bags must be used. Small grocery bags are not acceptable.
  • Only household waste should be placed into the trash. Please use only regulation green bags to deposit your trash into the assigned containers within the bins, not beside or on top of them. No loose waste should be deposited in the bins.
  • Paint is SICO Acrylic purchased from Rona in Midland. The Forest Green is arrived at by the following mix using BASE 271-503:
    • “N” 7 oz.+ 8 shots
    • “Q” 1 oz + 36 shots
    • “V” 4 shots (no ounces)
    • “Y” 2 oz + 16 shots.
  • BFN have the right to refuse pick-up if the bins are not kept reasonably clean. Bylaw No.19- Disposal of garbage section 5,(2)d and f. The Sanitation Administrator may order the correction of any unsafe or unsanitary conditions and the termination of any disposal if any unsafe or unsanitary condition exists.
  • Take toxic items, for example: old or outdated pills and medications; used batteries; paint or pre-treated lumber ends, home with you for correct and safe disposal at toxic waste facilities on the mainland.


N.B. In order to ease the burden on Island facilities, we suggest cottagers take home their recyclable items for disposal and collection on the mainland. Cottagers on the Island are encouraged to utilize the large recycling containers that are available in times where they will miss pick up during the week. Larger containers are now in place.

  • Recycling bins will be in place at each beach area. Additional recycling items may be left beside the green bins in clear plastic recycling bags. We would prefer that the small blue bins not be left roadside.
  • Acceptable recyclables
    • Aluminum products, including used aluminum frying pans, and copper piping
    • Plastic 1’s and 2’s, 4’s, 5’s, & 6’s are now also included. (No 3’s or 7’s)
    • Please rinse out your used containers
  • Island facilities do not have equipment to deal with used tires, recycling of glass bottles, or pre-treated lumber.
  • Beer, liquor and wine bottles may be returned for a refund at any Beer Store OR wine bottles, beer cans and bottles may be put out for pick-up on the Island

Disposal of Other Items

  • Tires: There is a bin available at the Transfer Station for tires. The hours for the Transfer Station are Monday to Friday 8:30 am until 4:30 pm and closed on weekends. However, a bin is located outside the gates at the Transfer Station for disposing of waste on the weekends.
  • Large Items: Pick up for large items, including old vehicles, may be arranged for a nominal fee with the BFN Public Works Department. Call Alison King at: 705-247-2674
  • Old or Outdated Propane Tanks: Should be taken to the mainland to a propane filling station for disposal or exchange. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY USED PROPANE CYLINDERS TO THE DUMP.

Steps for a Septic Pumpout

  • All septic pump-outs must be arranged through Dawn Smith, 705-247-2978,

Help Keep Our Island Beautiful: REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE