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Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna Links

Canadian Wildlife Federation Hinterland Who’s Who World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) What’s that [...]

For Pet Owners

Dog Owners’ Guide – Just for Dogs Veterinary Medical Information – What to Do For Your Pet Plants Poisonous to Dogs – Dog – You May be [...]

Chimnissing Animal Rescue

The Chimnissing Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization, who’s mandate is to provide homes for unwanted animals on Native Reserves. The majority of dogs we get in [...]


Please ask your children to return frogs to their habitat if they’ve been out [...]

Health Issues

First Aid Rodent Management Rodent/Hanta Virus Lyme Disease West Nile Virus Please note: Christian Island does not have a current outbreak of Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus or [...]

Poisonous Plants

Poison Ivy Flowers: Don’t Pick These! The pink flowers are Hepaticas 🙂 It is that time of year that this Poison Plants will be growing. [...]

Black Bears on the Island

Two bears on CI June 7, 2015 – Bear Update – No sightings reported this season. Please continue to exercise caution and keep your waste/garbage in the proper [...]