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Fisher Populations Have Increased on Christian Island

Fisher Definition: The fisher looks like a thin overgrown weasel which is covered in fur. The male measures 40 inches long and weighs no more than 20 pounds. The female has 35% less fat and is about 10% shorter than the male. The fur is blackish-brown and the fisher has a pale gray spot on its head and shoulders. It has a pale face and very dark feet. The fisher has a long body, short legs, a pointed face, rounded ears, and a bushy tail that weighs about 2 pounds. (Posted to an online Fisher forum.)

WARNING! Prey includes all small creatures; mice (eaten whole), squirrels, rabbits, porcupines, and House Pets, especially cats and small (up to 30 lbs.+) dogs. Please be wary of leaving your pet out alone to roam on the Island at any time. There are no natural predators on the Island to keep the Fisher population at a reasonable level. These creatures have become bolder as their numbers increase and prey is depleted. Island Fishers are extremely aggressive in their quest for food and could attack if provoked. Exercise caution if encountering one of these members of the marten family. Some have been found in and around the garbage bins, please keep the areas around the bins clean.