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Street Names and Pronunciation

Amik Amik Miikaans Beaver Road Bayshore Drive Jiigbiik Miikaans Shoreline Rd Captain’s Cres. Naabkwangemaa Miikaans Captain’s Rd Chiefs Lane Waabzeshiin Miikaans [...]

Waste Management

PLEASE NOTE:  All waste pick-up, including recycling has been discontinued for the cottage community until May of 2017, the beginning of the new season.  Please take your [...]

Christian Island Beach Rules

Motorized Vehicles Are Not Allowed on the Beaches The only exceptions are emergency vehicles and boat launching. The safety of our children, pets and underground wiring is at [...]

Land Use on Christian Island

Please be mindful that there are private held lands within the Beausoleil First Nation territory. The Lands Office has received reports concerning lessees and visitors [...]
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