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Christian Island Beach Rules

Motorized Vehicles Are Not Allowed on the Beaches

The only exceptions are emergency vehicles and boat launching. The safety of our children, pets and underground wiring is at stake.

Please respect the dune areas on the Island

The preservation of the Dunes is of major concern. Please use the ladders for access to and from the dunes at Big Sand Bay. Please do not drive on or camp on the dunes located around the Island.

Open fires are not allowed on the beach

  • All fires should be contained in a proper fire pit or designated container, and put out properly with water and not sand; sand will allow a fire to smolder and reignite up to 3 hours after being poured.
  • Be aware that the majority of cottage sites have peat-like soil under the regular vegetation.This causes fires to spread underground rapidly…
  • If you love our Island, please DO NOT start any fires during high wind conditions. Please respect the fire bans when in effect.
  • Do not leave any fire unattended.

Please see the official beach rules by-laws on BFN website.

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