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CICA has compiled this Frequently Asked Questions list based on the most-asked questions we have received from cottagers over the last few years. Since this list will keep growing please let us know of any other questions that could be added and this FAQ can be a reference for our cottage population.

Are there any noise restrictions on the island?

Nothing official is in place but before 9am and after 11pm are normally quiet times.

How fast can I drive?

Speed limit is 40 km/hr on the island, and 20 km/hr in the school zone. Please be cautious in the village as pedestrians, children, and pets use the same thoroughfares. Drivers should be aware that the roads to Big Sand Bay and to Lighthouse Point can sometimes be a bit rough as they can be in the midst of renovation, oiling or grading.

Are there any island-specific water safety rules?

Ontario’s Boating Regulations apply, such as:

  1. you need a boating license to captain a motor boat;
  2. you must wear a lifejacket when boating;
  3. you are required to have a spotter when pulling a tube or a water skier;
  4. when leaving or approaching shores or beaches, you should proceed slowly as swimmers and, less visible, smaller craft can be in the water and
  5. rely on local knowledge (ask other boaters about local hazards).

In some water conditions there can be a strong undertow and swimmers should consult band members, more experienced cottagers, or other swimmers about when this happens. It is always wise to swim with a buddy.

Can I leave my items on the beaches?

Please keep the beach as clear of obstructions as possible, i.e. beach chairs, umbrellas. Remove your possessions from the beach when leaving; heavy wind and waves can develop without warning, causing damage or injury. On Big Sand Bay, all personal items must be removed each evening. Please remove garbage from the beaches. Bring home wrappers, cans and bottles that you may use (and any that you may find) and dispose of them in your own cottage garbage.

Are there any off-limit areas?

Please keep to designated walkways and sand ladders on all public beaches. Any vegetation growing can
be easily damaged by foot or vehicular traffic. The dunes at South Beach and Big Sand Bay are protected areas and people should keep off them.

How do I access Big Sand Bay if I don’t have a cottage there?

All the laneways have public parking on each side of the road which can be used by band members and cottagers. Big Sand Bay cottage lot lines begin 50 feet from the center of the laneway. This allows for public parking and access to the beach on all laneways.

Are there any water quality things to keep in mind?

Please use biodegradable products. Hair washing and bathing in the lake is discouraged. Some cottagers opt to test their sandpoint for well water on an annual basis. This can be done through private companies or by using your local Public Health Unit.

What about pets?

Please keep your pet (dog, cat, ferret, horse, etc.) on a leash when you are taking them off your property. Remember to clean up after your pet on all trails / roads.

When is garbage pickup?

Garbage is picked up Mondays and Thursdays.

Cottagers are responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, and painting of their assigned bin. Please take large and/or toxic items, such as appliances, furniture, construction debris, dead batteries, stain or paint cans, to the Tiny dump (1700 Golf Link Rd, Tiny, Ontario) or home for proper disposal. Recycling pickup is on Wednesdays. Please make sure you separate your recyclables. Paper and cardboard go in one clear bag. Plastic and metal go in another clear bag.

Can I forage on the island?

The BFN discourages foraging as families on the island need their own access to the island’s natural resources.

Where can I get fish on the island?

Rick Monague (705 247 2127) on Mkade Kegwin, fishes on weekends.

Are there public toilets on the island?

No, there are no public toilets available, except at large events such as powwows and BBQs. As a result it is wise to plan ahead and to be generous with your facilities when others need them.

Septic Pump-out

Call the Band office to book an appointment. 705 247 2051. At one point the direct number was 705 247 2674, Waste Management. Right now Janice Monague takes payment who then notifies Dawn Smith to coordinate with the pump-out team.

What should I wear on the beach?

Wear anything that suits your style. But cover up and wear something. Nudity is not allowed on any public beach on Christian Island.

Where can I get more information to learn about the history of Indigenous communities in Canada?
How can I/we best show appreciation and understanding?

There are lots of great resources to get you going on reading about the history of Indigenous communities in Canada. Here are just a few. We will add more soon.
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