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Help Tim resurrect the Dollar Boat

Dear Members,

Many of us know and/or have dealt with Tim Monague and now he needs our help.

While CICA is not in a position to use any member funds to help Tim, we do encourage everyone who can to please do so and get him back to his business.

The Board fully supports this request (copied below).

Sonny Goldstein, President

Help Tim resurrect the Dollar Boat

Tim Monague is a First Nation commercial fisherman and businessman on Christian Island with over 40 years experience. Tim owns a vessel called the “Dollar Boat” which he used to make his living by catching fish commercially as well as using his boat to provide water taxi services to residents and tourists.

On January 14, 2017 the Dollar Boat caught fire and was nearly totally destroyed while moored at the Christian island dock. Tim had no insurance because he was unable to keep up with payments due to the poor fishing season in 2016. Tim lost hundreds of yards of nets and all of his fishing equipment and electronics such as his radar, chart plotters etc. He was left with a devastating loss of property but mostly, his livelihood and sole source of income for his family.

tim3Tim is a community minded man who has assisted many with his provision of fish to events and functions over the years. He has always helped out when he could and has towed in many stranded and broken down boaters during his many years on the water. He has taken the time to teach his craft to others and has employed many men and women.

It’s our turn to support and help Tim raise the Dollar Boat from the ashes. We can do this. We can help bring the Dollar Boat back to life and enjoy the fruits of the labour Tim and his guys bring us. Let’s show Tim we care, and are willing to raise the funds necessary to make the Dollar Boat sail again and see him through this time of need.

Visit Tim’s Gofundme Page