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King Copegog Family

Chubby (Aaron) Copegog & his late wife Nancy King-Copegog

The Board and Members of CICA mourn the passing of Christian Island resident Nancy King Copegog – daughter of Ken (Spike) & Colleen King, wife of Aaron (Chubby) Copegog – who lost her life in a tragic accident. We also hope for a full and speedy recovery for other family members injured in the accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the King, Copegog and Norton families and the entire Christian Island community at this difficult time.

To support the family in the days ahead a Go Fund Me page has been set up at:

Especially at this time, let us all come together to assist our Christian Island neighbours during their hour of need.

Nancy King-Copegog was married to Chubby (Aaron) Copegog who works on the boat. (I believe Chubby was working at the time of the accident and was not in the car.) Nancy’s parents are Colleen and Ken (Spike) King. Nancy and Chubby’s children are Kendrick and Chelsea. In the accident, Nancy died, Kendrick received life threatening injuries and is at Sunnybrook, and Jenny Norton (Nancy’s aunt and Colleen’s sister) was also badly injured and is at Sunnybrook as well. Chelsea received minor injuries.